Val Ivens – background

Val Ivens is our adviser at ADHD Richmond

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Val is a woman with an ambition. She has dedicated her time and energy, with no reward or payment, since helping to set up our ADHD Support Group in 1988

She maintains the service will remain voluntary – totally focussing on helping families with concerns about the neuro-developmental psychiatric condition of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Val is passionate about giving parents/carers accurate information and opportunities to meet each other.

One of her main aims has been to bring about change to mainstream services in line with latest legislation.

Another of her successful campaigns is the training and awareness of professionals working with children with ADHD (through increasing statutory provision)

Val has developed and produced vital pre and post-diagnosis information to guide parents/carers

She has also created regular parent training classes

Val has done an incredible job in putting ADHD at the forefront of Children’s Mental Health in the Borough, raising awareness and understanding with the public and professionals alike

Without her interest in promoting ADHD and caring for the welfare of children who have to cope with the condition Richmond Borough residents would not be provided with a much-needed service such as this

Val often attends our twice-monthly talks with experts in the many areas that touch on ADHD

She also persuaded a parent-member to set up social media in order to spread the message to a wider audience. She reached her goal with and the Twitter feed @

Val was not satisfied with just two social media outlets though and wanted a website too. This was designed and built and now provides a valuable resource of information, contacts and events @

Contact Val via her email address: