Our #ADHD lead highlights our July 5 free Talk & more …

Our #ADHD lead highlights our July 5 free Talk & more …

Message from Val Ivens (our ADHD Coach & Lead):

Looking forward to Tuesday’s fascinating and vital talk by our own lovely Child and Adolescent Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Alex Doig. Alex will be presenting on what many would say is the most challenging time in a young person’s life … the teenage years …never mind with a diagnosis of ADHD!

Dr Doig is such a delightfully calm and knowledgable speaker on the issue and we know he offers such a clear case for understanding why it is that these years can be so, well, just so very challenging.

Parents at our anger workshop last Sunday certainly felt that understanding how to manage ones own anger is certainly increasingly important at the start of puberty and throughout their child’s teenage years. Understanding how to remain calm (well calmER more often …we are only human after all) yourself and understanding what’s going on for them is so helpful in daily dynamics.

Dr Doig has spoken to our Group before and so we know this is an incredibly helpful session, one that we encourage as many of you as possible to attend, particularly if those teen years are looming on the horizon. Preparation and understanding really help.

Do come along if you can, and if you like, come early and join me for a coffee and or breakfast before – downstairs at Bills (below Russell Cooke on riverside) from 9 -10:30 Tuesday July 5th.

The the main meeting starts at 11 – 1 in the offices of Russell-Cooke, Bishops Palace House, Kingston Riverside (on the bridge) Public welcome.

Please also note:

1) We have a Borough meeting on Thursday which will be looking at introducing Behaviour Clinics for ADHD and ASD. Do you have any views I can take with me? I know all of the principle concerns, having worked with you all for nearly 20 years and being a parent of a child with a disability myself, albeit not ADHD, – so please do let me have your input.

2) I also need feedback about your experiences of the application process for the Aiming High Grant. Many of you may remember we ran an information meeting on the Grant and received helpful application information from Caroline Jaeger. How well informed did you feel and how easy was it to apply; also how helpful was the grant in enabling you and your children to access activities? Do let me know positives and challenges via email: info@adhdrichmond.org or when we meet tomorrow if you prefer.

3) We are also holding a support group lead team meeting on Wednesday evening 6 July. Anyone interested in joining this organising group, please do email me, or, if you have had fabulous or poor experiences of services, support, information etc, please do let us know as we continue to be guided by you all on an ongoing basis.



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