21 Feb Managing #Behaviours practitioner training by @RUILS

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21 Feb Managing #Behaviours practitioner training by @RUILS

09:30 – 16:00  Kingston URC, Eden Street, Kingston KT1 1HZ

Behaviours which ‘challenge’ others ‘Challenging behaviour’ is how we talk about a range of behaviours which some people may display to get their needs met. The aim of this course is to consider how staff can work with people who may be aggressive or violent; and how to manage this behaviour.

This course covers: – What are behaviours/challenging behaviours – The types of challenging behaviour – The nature of the problem and solutions to be avoided – Why does it occur and what is it saying? – Promoting and managing non-challenging behaviours – Different approaches – Ways of being positive – Avoidance of ‘escalators’ You will receive a certificate for attending this course. We will also cover your travel expenses up to the value of £10. This is a FREE course, secure your place by booking today.

To book: https://behaviours_that_challenge.eventbrite.co.uk or call Ruils on 020 8831 6083

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