. @rb_mind offers FREE peer support groups for YP incl. #ADHD

. @rb_mind offers FREE peer support groups for YP incl. #ADHD

These new groups are for YP (young people) aged 14-16, 16-18, and 18-25 struggling with any form of mental health difficulty. They do not require a diagnosis – they could be identified as a concern due to bullying, social isolation, signs of depression, anxiety (including intense exam stress), or for any other reason

The groups will be taking place in 4 locations, each running once a month. They are designed to offer a place for young people to both freely share their experience with others who identify with them, and to have fun, express themselves creatively, and benefit from time and space away from anything else they may be facing. As I’m sure you have experienced, the most beneficial thing for young people in these situations is to feel that they’re not alone or abnormal – and that is precisely what peer support groups can offer them

The first session for each of the four groups is:

Twickenham (age 18-25): Tuesday 7th Feb at St Mary’s University, 7-8pm

Hampton (age 14-16): Thursday 9th Feb at Hampton Youth Project, 5-6pm

Richmond (age 16-18): Wednesday 15th Feb at Richmond Library Annexe, 5-6pm

Mortlake (age 14-16): Monday 27th Feb at Mortlake Powerstation, 7-8pm

See this youth-peer-groups-poster for more info

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