Ex-#BBC #news presenter takes Lead at #ADHD Richmond

Ex-#BBC #news presenter takes Lead at #ADHD Richmond

After more than two decades at the helm of this Support Group, Val Ivens has decided to stand down. Her successor, as Lead, is to be Alastair Yates.

Val will continue to play a vital role in our lobbying, campaigning and teaching. You can join us at our March 7th daytime Talk in giving our heartfelt thanks to Val for her generosity of voluntary time; passing on her wealth of knowledge; and for her compassion and guidance to so many families over the years.

Alastair takes the Lead/Chair after having been on our Steering Committee for four years, in which time he has created our social media and website presence. He has also arranged all our 2017 Talks. He has a teenage son with diagnosed ADHD and now dedicates his retirement time, after a career as a BBC News presenter, to the ADHD

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