#ADHD mum tells her story on #BBC #Radio 4

#ADHD mum tells her story on #BBC #Radio 4

As a teenager, Sophie Townsend was swotty and awkward, bookish and unsophisticated. She used to watch the pretty, popular girls across the playground as if they were creatures from another planet. Now a mother herself, she is mystified by her 14-year-old daughter who has ADHD, who is more interested in make-up than books, and who struggles with her grades at school. She is one of the pretty ones. Perhaps too pretty for her own good…

The Beautiful Girl is an original short work for radio by Sophie Townsend, a radio producer, writer and storyteller. Sophie is part of ABC Radio’s Creative Audio Unit and has produced work for the BBC and the CBC. She lives in Sydney with her gorgeous daughters and beloved dog, Charlie.




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