Get healthy & help #ADHD #RichmondUponThames for Awareness Month. Here’s how:

Get healthy & help #ADHD #RichmondUponThames for Awareness Month. Here’s how:

awareness month header

One of our mums is running a 30 days to healthy living group to celebrate our October #ADHD Awareness Month. Lisa Stokke Jolly will be donating all her commission (15%) to ADHD Richmond from orders made, in the next week, @arbonne

Choose which nutrition plan you’d like to suit your needs or ask for more information by contacting Lisa email: .

All products are vegan certified, gluten & lactose free.

Watch her video:



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  1. Hi,

    Whilst I find your emails a constant source of useful information, I was a little disconcerted by this one as you are promoting a business, yet we are not aware of Lisa’s qualifications to change peoples diets, which could potentially be unhealthy and even dangerous. I am not sure if you are aware, but anyone is able to call themselves a nutritionist, so there is a mire of people out there doing so. Whilst some are really informed and appropriately educated, others have undertaken a very short non accredited course and then set up a business to practice their skills. In reality it would be best if someone wanted individual advice that they see a dietician. If not, at a minimum any nutritionist should be registered. For more information it is good to always advise people to check this website

    Sorry to have a moan (!) but I teach nutrition at a local University and have seen some terrible incidences of poor practice affecting people’s lives, so I am always extra wary when people are pushing potentially inappropriate products claiming that they can help.

    Linda Cronin (Senior Lecturer, Metabolism and Nutrition) University of Roehampton


    • Hi Linda
      Thanks for your input. Just to say that Lisa is one of our mums. She does not claim to be a nutritionist but simply sells these facial products and nutrition bars on commission. She offered to give up that commission for a week to donate it to ADHD Richmond. We do not have course normally promote commercial operations but on this occasion decided it was to our advantage. Picking up on your advice I can tell you that we already have booked in, for Nov 22, Deborah Colson from Thinking Nutrition to talk to us.
      I appreciate all you say and thanks again for your comments. Regards, Alastair


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