About us

Welcome to ADHD Richmond which has been offering support to parents/carers of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & all its comorbidities in, and around, the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, England since 1995.

We’re a voluntary, independent, non-funded, parent/carer support group for this neuro-developmental condition .

Our email address is: info@adhdrichmond.org

Meet our steering committee:

ayates5 cuAlastair Yates is our Lead/Chair who oversees the Support Group and also manages all our media and communications. He has a teenage son who has ADHD. Alastair, with the help of the team, has published our “Handbook of Services”. He also books the speakers for our Talks and videos them. Alastair is a former presenter for BBC TV News and Sky News

Val 2Val Ivens is our advisor and representative for all ADHD matters pertaining to the Borough. She campaigns, lobbies and teaches on our behalf. Val coaches parents of children & young people and has done so for over 20 years. She has a journalist daughter with a disability and special educational needs. Val has sat on national ADHD associations, lobbied government on the Code of Practice and has a specialist interest in the neuro-developmental  origins of the condition. Her previous career was in intergovernmental negotiations.

Eva AkinsEva Akins is a specialist education solicitor, who is also a parent of a son with ADHD. It is through Eva we are fortunate to hold our meetings at the offices of solicitors Russell-Cooke in Kingston. Eva’s legal knowledge is truly extensive; she speaks internationally and is a highly effective advocate for children’s rights. Eva is also a regular speaker at our Talks and is always at our meetings to answer your SEN questions. She is also a trained volunteer for IPSEA ,an education charity supporting SEN.

Gill SearsGill Sears co-founded the group and is a trained peripatetic teacher. She is a mine of information and has raised two sons with ADHD. Gill was so determined that parents should never feel alone and should always have someone to talk to that she set about forming this group. Gill is one of our team which visits schools and meets new parents at our Post-diagnosis sessions

Geraldine SaltGeraldine Salt has experienced the highs and lows of bringing up a son with ADHD. She has a deep understanding of the condition and offers a considered voice to our planning strategies. Her career is in managing projects and committees in international standardisation development.  She minutes our Strategy Group meetings and often hosts our evening Talks and you can chat with her at any of these

Jenny Cooper Jenny Cooper has a young son with ADHD and ASDand is well aware of the many challenges young people with the condition have to face, including ongoing friendship and social issues. Jenny has over 25 years marketing experience mainly within the financial services sector. Jenny manages our Play/Meet sessions for children

Geraldine Fitzgerald Geraldine Fitzgerald has a recently diagnosed daughter with ADHD. She works as a science journalist for the BBC. Geraldine remains shocked at the lack of awareness of the condition amongst health and educational professionals as well as the general population and is using her skills with us to help people understand the complexities of living with ADHD

Gill Johnston Gill Johnston has a teenage son with ADHD and herself was diagnosed with ADD following years wondering why she “felt different”. She is passionate now to help support others having had experience, first-hand, of understanding how the ADHD works. Gill is excited to be involved with us and looks forward to meeting you at our Talks where she will often be seen at the door, checking off our attendees list

Petra RaccaniPetra Raccani is a SEN administrator at St Mark’s Catholic School, Hounslow. Her  knowledge of the education system, in particular Special Needs,  is key to her role with us. Petra schedules the dates for our daytime and evening Talks

Amy-Lou Barker Amy-Lou Barker had a career in Performing Arts before becoming a full-time carer for her teenage daughter who has ADHD and other comorbidities. Over many years attending our meetings she has learned how to navigate the route to available grants and facilities. She is representing us at AfC on the changes to the Short Breaks & Aiming High funding.

Nicky ParrNicky Parr is a parent with two children diagnosed with ADHD, a son and a daughter. She is also a hugely dedicated teacher with a specialist interest in ADHD and all aspects of education. Nicky also works as a learning support teacher and is familiar with the type of assistance schools can and perhaps should be implementing to support your child’s learning. Nicky is often at our Talks to offer her valued experience and knowledge

Our mission

To help parents/carers to: 

Understand what they are entitled to & from schools and where to go for support; know what happens when it goes wrong in school; find support for behaviour; get information for children to understand the diagnosis; cope with social skills; learn about medication; receive financial & family support; discover alternative therapies

Every month experts are invited to explain their work in ADHD. We have both morning and  evening Talks

We offer: 123 Magic parent training; the Why Try Programme; post-diagnosis sessions; 1 to 1 private chats

We keep in touch with everyone via this website; it’s a valuable resource of information, contacts & events; we have a published Handbook;  we have a Facebook page which is updated daily with worldwide & local news about ADHD and has our events;  and we also tweet

Our main goal is a Borough-wide ADHD strategy in line with the autism strategy; we also want to encourage all professionals working with ADHD people, incl. Family workers, Secondary schools, colleges & police to attend training courses

Our promise:

The group has been set up to provide support and information to parents, carers and families of children diagnosed with ADHD. Meeting other parents and sharing experiences is one of the most comforting and supportive opportunities we feel we can provide.

Attendees agree to maintain confidentiality of other people’s information at all times, so that those attending feel safe to share their stories.

Attendees also agree to respect the views of all of those present and maintain a constructive approach to the views expressed by others.

Attendees may agree to share contact information in order to construct a network of support outside the ADHD Support Group. This is to be encouraged if families feel this would be helpful.

Everyone should feel free and safe to express their views and be listened to respectfully.

Active participation of all attendees is encouraged.

Speakers will be chosen as appropriate and as suggested by the attendees.

The attendees will be encouraged to consider and feed back their experiences of local services and may, from time to time, be asked to become involved in thinking groups with the local authority, or other service provider, in order to improve and develop local services.

Attendance is free and open to all

Grateful thanks to the offices of Russell Cooke who support our work by hosting the group’s monthly Talks

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events very soon

CONTACT US (for general enquiries, advice & help) by using this form:

For Press, website & social media enquiries – email:  communications@adhdrichmond.org

ADHD contact flyer-page-001Please print & distribute this flyer to GP surgeries, libraries, schools etc:


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