Firstly,  read our ADHD Richmond info sheet:  pre- diagnosis pathway

To get a diagnosis of ADHD for a child you need to prepare yourself for a potentially tough, sometimes daunting journey. Diagnosis in the UK is performed by a Consultant Psychiatrist, or sometimes a paediatrican, but you may have to negotiate GPs,  ignorance and unfortunately sometimes prejudice.

Diagnosis will require patience and resilience. You will  have to complete many questions; here’s an example you can use to help you judge if your child has ADHD: ACE_English

If the child or young person’s behavioural and/or attention problems, suggestive of ADHD, are having an adverse impact on their development or family life, healthcare professionals should consider:

  • a period of watchful waiting of up to 10 weeks
  • offering parents or carers a referral to a parent‑training/education programme (this should not wait for a formal diagnosis of ADHD)

ADHD can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms can overlap with other disorders

This is how you proceed on the route to an ADHD diagnosis for children in Richmond:

ADHD Pathway July 2016

These are the Tiers of support which may be open to you:

Tier 1:  A primary level of care  incl. GPs, Health visitors , School nurses , Social workers, Teachers

Tier 2: Accessed through the Single Point of Access this provides specialists, including Clinical Psychologists and Family Therapists. Also a wide range of support and interventions, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Systemic Family Therapy. Sessions take place in schools, the family home and buildings in the community


Tier 3: consists of specialist multi-disciplinary teams such as Child & Adolescent Mental Health Teams (CAMHS), including psychiatrists. Children and young people may be presenting development problems such as ADHD, autism or depression, eating disorders and even early onset psychosis. This service is provided by South West London & St.George’s Mental Health NHS Trust and may be located in a local clinic or hospital such as the Richmond Royal, Springfields or St George’s

Tier 4: Essential tertiary level services such as day units, highly specialised out‐patient teams and in‐patient units



The Single Point of Access (SPA) is the first port of call for diagnosis of ADHD (only for children). Call   for advice from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, or 020 8770 5000 out of hours.


Who to see: read this blog for helpful tips on which professionals will see your child during the diagnosis process.


Taking the private route

You may decide to take the private route which is quickest and least painful. Contact numbers for those wishing to go private are available from the NAS Helpline: 0808 800 4104. Here are some who we have worked with:

Dr Morris Zwi Wednesdays 10.30 – 5 pm at the Orchard clinic St Margarets nr. Twickenham
Dr Claire Scott is a consultant community paediatrician who as well as working for Hounslow and Richmond Community Care has a private practice. Tel: 07796 783007
The Effra Clinic is based in London and it specialises in ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. The staff includes two consultant child and adolescent psychiatrists with a shared passion and specialism in ADHD and ASD. Tel: 020 3322 5532 Email: [email protected]
LANC – Learning Assessment and Neurocare Centre Email: [email protected] 48-50 Springfield road Horsham RH12 2PD also has two London offices
Nicola Ryan Mental Health Nurse Tel: 07866 388935 Email: [email protected]
Dr Bettina Hohnen [email protected]
Dr Bozhena Zoritch 07957909754


These are the NICE Guidelines on the ADHD pathway


Worried about diagnosis? Read what-i-tell-parents-adhd-in-practice by a Nurse Consultant



A former CAMHS (Richmond) manager, Janet Grimes in June 2015 spoke to our Group  Watch the video and read this survey on CAMHS in which ADHD Richmond is commended for offering good support to parents/carers



This website offers lots of info about CAMHS services



Before someone is diagnosed with ADHD there are very stringent and robust tests carried out by CAMHS; one of which is the Development and Well-Being Assessment – DAWBA. Click the photo for detail


Richmond Adult Adhd 2

If you are an adult concerned about ADHD you should consult your GP for referral to the specialist service – click the photo

Transitioning into Adulthood – read this useful document: Transition-your-childs-journey-into-adult-services