Screentime rules and internet safety

Setting rules Setting rules doesn’t need to be about strict time limits and it isn’t necessarily appropriate, for example ypu wouldn’t expect differently aged children to abide by the same time limits. However, there may be some areas you might like to consider applying some rules to: Specific times of the day when screentime is … Continue reading Screentime rules and internet safety

COVID-19 & Anxiety: helpful resources for children and young people

The University of Oxford and the University of Reading have gathered a resource for supporting children and young people with worries about COVID-19.  During this difficult period, many children and young people will be feeling anxious and worried. This behaviour is expected – to address their concerns, the resource provides advice on what adults can … Continue reading COVID-19 & Anxiety: helpful resources for children and young people

An update on local services

Now that people and organisations have adjusted to living and working in the current situation, we’ve compiled a short list of the services that are and are not operating with their contact details. ADHD Richmond and Kingston post diagnosis sessions In terms of our services, our ADHD post diagnosis sessions that we offer have moved … Continue reading An update on local services

Unpaid carers now added to list of essential workers for COVID19 testing

The government has now included unpaid carers, like parents with disabled children, to its list of essential workers and those prioritised for Covid-19 testing in England. You can find out more about who is eligible for testing, how to get tested and the different types of test available at

EHCP laws temporarily “relaxed” and local authorities told to make reasonable efforts

The Government has announced temporary changes to the law on educational, health and care needs assessments and plans due to coronavirus. The Department for Education and the Secretary of State have invoked the easements to the provisions of the Children and Families Act 2014 contained in the Coronavirus Act 2020. This means that some aspects of the … Continue reading EHCP laws temporarily “relaxed” and local authorities told to make reasonable efforts

Home-schooling Resources

If your child is struggling with the work your school is sending you, here are some other learning resources you may like to try that they may find easier to access and more engaging.  The Government website has an excellent list of the various resources that are available which include: HelpKidzLearn Website: Description: a collection of … Continue reading Home-schooling Resources