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Olympic Gold medallist, Michelle Carter, has ADHD and Dyslexia. Reading and spelling were a challenge for her (they still are), and she struggled to pay attention in school. Then she found her passion and talent: track and field. Watch video



Lee Mack, is an English comedian and actor. In 2012, he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


walt disney

Walt Disney, The Founder Of Disneyland
Walt Disney was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time as his presence is still felt even 50 years after his death. He took what were crude drawings and turned them into a brand that is now instantly recognizable worldwide. With ADHD, he was able to build an empire and make a product that people love and want. And as we all know, this is one of the most important things when it comes to creating long-lasting success. Fast forward to today and Disney is still one of the top dogs.

Simone Biles

Simone Biles took the Rio Olympics by storm earning four gold medals. The  gymnast has disclosed that she has ADHD and has taken medication for it since she was a child.

Heston Blumenthal

Chef Heston Blumenthal was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50.


Zayn Malik, the former One Direction singer opens up about his ADHD

liv tyler

Liv Tyler

In 2012, Liv Tyler said she meditates to deal with her ADHD. The actress and former child model is the mother of two children and rose to fame starring in Aerosmith music videos (she is Steven Tyler’s daughter)

510369864 Alejandro González Iñárritu is known as a bold and innovative director. His movies have won many awards. He’d already won previous Oscars—Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture—for the 2015 film Birdman. And he won another at the 2016 Academy Awards on February 28.

Capture Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry says he would now be diagnosed with ADHD. With an outstanding career in film and television, he went on to create the outrageous Melchett in Blackadder and has become a firm favourite on BBC2 with the quite interesting quiz QI.

AP242145094241 Ryan Gosling

As a child, Gosling was diagnosed with ADHD and had trouble reading. He was bullied at school and didn’t have any friends until he was a teenager. Concerned, his mom homeschooled him for a year. Shortly afterward, he began acting. Of his 2006 Oscar nomination, Gosling says, “It meant a lot to me because it meant a lot to the people that I love. Especially my mother … she’s been fighting [for me] since I was born.”
Entertainment Weekly

11796250_1608152719433526_8981784092796689060_n Emma Watson has appeared in 15 films gained straight As at GCSE, A Level and has a degree in English Literature from Oxford University. She was diagnosed with ADHD as a young child and was medicated throughout the filming of Harry Potter.

 US TV star Howie Mandel talks about his ADHD

11205057_1603903213191810_6064655921537683569_n Adam Lavine is the lead singer of Maroon 5. He is one of the highest paid singers in the world. He is also a songwriter and a coach on ‘The Voice’ due to his nurturing skills and business acumen. Click the photo to read about his ADHD.

566857539118_0 Click the photo of Will.i.am to read what some celebs say about their ADHD or Dyslexia  


Click on these photos below for background on each personality’s ADHD condition:

thKRO346CU Britney Spears was diagnosed in her teens and took medication for the condition

202947_1 Prime Minister Winston Churchill

channing-tatum-episode-1200x630 Channing Tatum is one of the most widely recognized celebrities on the planet. He also happens to be an actor who has publicly shared his struggles with ADHD during his childhood. In fact, he continues to work through related difficulties as an adult. His ADHD has not stopped him from starring in many critically acclaimed movies.

Celeb_ADHD_MichaelPhelps_P_new Michael Phelps won 14 gold medals at the Athens and Beijing Olympics. But swimming isn’t just a winning sport for Phelps; it’s a way for him to cope with his ADHD. His mother described her son’s exhibition of classic ADHD symptoms: not sitting still or being able to focus. However, he channeled that into swimming, and with “continuous praise and positive reinforcement” Phelps had the encouragement he needed to score the golds. Watch this video

Celeb_ADHD_WillSmith_P_new Will Smith, singer/actor says that whilst growing up he was the “fun one who had trouble paying attention”, and that today, he would’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. He also recalls having trouble reading—these days he follows along with books on tape.

rory bremner Listen to this radio documentary by Rory Bremner, Satirst/Comedian on our YouTube channel. Click photo

Sir Richard Branson Sir Richard Branson, business mogul

John F. Kennedy  John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States

th2d209n7k Jamie Oliver , Chef & businessman

untitledLouis Smith, athlete

th6z7p2bbm Russell Brand, comedian

th37rji59r Justin Timberlake, singer/actor

th8c41d15g Sir Isaac Newton, physicist and mathematician

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