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Part 1 of the Video of lawyer Eva Akins talking about Education & law.

Part 2 of the video with Q & A.

Here are the Eva Akins Presentation Slides for ADHD talk 12.4.16



SEN solicitor, Eva Akins, wrote this extensive list of what you can expect school to do for your child 101 reasonable Adjustments for ADHD

Send Family Voices have also produced an advice table which includes:

Access to the Curriculum

SEND Problem or issue to be addressed Received from ‘Reasonable adjustment’ made
ADHD Very disruptive in and around school and in lessons – racking up behaviour points, exclusions and at risk of permanent exclusion. Risk to self – has been showing risky behaviour at home and school. Teacher Consultations with parents and other professionals.

Catches put on ‘safe’ area windows to limit width of opening.

Behaviour incidents logged but not penalty points.

Safe area and behaviour plans put in place.

ADHD Level of distraction within the school Teacher An identified free lesson each day.

Exercise breaks.

Give creative responsibilities to the lessons

Start with positives/success books.

ADHD Can’t concentrate for very long. Very active. Works to own agenda Teacher Short term targets (by the minute if necessary).

Reward targets.

Leave class five minutes early – run around the playground and go 5 minutes late to lesson.

ADHD Difficulty remaining focused through lesson. Impulsive behaviour leading to low level disruption Teacher Wobble cushion, Fiddle objects,

Given jobs/regular opportunities to move around the classroom,

In the afternoon (longer session), given opportunity to go for a run,

Personalised behaviour system – call out cards/opportunities before warning is given.

ADHD Finding difficulty following a series of instructions issued to prepare and complete a task, anxiety levels high/increased agitation evident Teacher Time out breaks to calm.

Opportunity to complete task with support in a quiet space in another area of the school, access to calming tools such as stress balls/blu-tack etc.

ADHD Attendance on a two night residential field trip, child may require additional support,

Child may not be able to handle overnight stay in dormitory style accommodation

Teacher Child was supported by her regular learning support assistants who knew her and was trusted by the child. A separate room, attached to the dorm, was made available to the child in the event that the dormitory was too stressful. Parents were committed to collecting the child in the event that the child was unable to cope. The trip was very successful.
ADHD School trips Teacher Extra staff 2:1,

Separate transport,

Different lunch arrangements,

Reward system for the child.

ADHD The child arrives at school unsettled in the morning and is not ‘class ready’ or ‘ready for learning’ Teacher The child takes part in a physical activity during assembly (keep fit, basketball, goes for a run) before going into class.


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