Our Seminars

ADHDButterfly_Transparent_bThis is the ADHD Richmond & Kingston‘s calendar showing our daytime and evening talks. They are free to everyone, not just those living in Richmond and Kingston boroughs, but donations are welcome. These talks are open not only to parents/carers but also to practitioners including doctors, social workers, teachers etc…

Talk dates 2020 – you can find information on our talks planned in 2020 below and by visiting – ADHD talks dates – Tues & Thurs 2020.

Useful material from previous talks and seminars

Thursday 7th February by Fintan O’Regan “No two children are the same……and neither are their parents – Family dynamics and ADHD”  Slides.

Tuesday 26th February by Sally Russell OBE  on ‘Pathological Demand Avoidance as a comorbidity of ADHD’. If you attended the seminar and registered then there are a  short series of slides that can be sent in a PDF. Please contact communications@adhdrichmond.org if you would like to receive a copy.

Thursday 7th March by Claire Jackson and Juanita Lendon “Access in Mind Training – Supporting Young People with ADHD to manage exams and assessments” Slides.

Tuesday 19th March by Professor Edmund Sonuga-Barke on ‘Non-Pharmaceutical  treatments for ADHD: Do they work? slides.

Tuesday 23rd April by Dr Nicola Reynolds, Principal Clinical Psychologist / Clinical Lead for Integrated Children’s Services at Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust in SE London on “Digital Interventions for ADHD and general questions”. slides.

Tuesday 6th June Karen Lowry, Achieving for Children Info/SEND Local Offer Website Manager “Overview of the services on offer for primary and secondary school children and those out of school” slides.

The Achieving for Children Local Offer lists over 600 specific ADHD events in Richmond and Kingston