We are passionate about what we do to support our mission.

We are governed by a Board of Trustees, our day to day operations are run by our Operations Manager and supported by an amazing team of volunteers and professionals that work with us.


Annette Wilson

Chair and Founder

Annette is our Chair of the Board of Trustees.  She founded ADHD Richmond and Kingston to create a support community for parents of children and young people with ADHD and to promote a better understanding of ADHD.  She has two children and, as a parent of a son with ADHD, is passionate about providing parents and professionals with knowledge and support to help children and young people with ADHD excel.  Annette is an accountant and spent her working career in business and today is utilising her experience in the further development of ADHD Richmond and Kingston.

Iain Reid

Iain Reid


Iain is our Treasurer and a Trustee.  He has been involved with ADHD Richmond and Kingston since around 2010. He has five children and has a son and a daughter with ADHD. He understands the importance of providing different levels of support to children and young people with ADHD as they grow up.  He is retired from the business world and when not working for ADHD Richmond and Kingston is an amateur actor with The Questors Theatre in Ealing. 

Miranda Lewis


Miranda is a Trustee and joined the Board in October 2020.  She has been involved with ADHD Richmond and Kingston since around March 2020.  She lives in Barnes and has two children; her younger son has ADHD.  Miranda brings extensive experience in research, evaluation and the voluntary sector and has previously served as a charitable Trustee and Chair.

Tim Cooper


Tim is a Trustee and joined the Board in October 2020. He has been involved with ADHD Richmond and Kingston since around 2013. He has two children, where his son has ADHD. Tim has worked in publishing and education businesses during his career and brings extensive operational experience with him including having led digital transformations.

Clare Mullane

Clare Mullane


Clare is our Secretary and a Trustee.  She been involved with ADHD Richmond and Kingston since 2018. She has two children, where her son has ADHD.  With a young family, she is very aware of the challenges of balancing the demands of home and work for ADHD families.  Clare works part-time in a large telecommunications group, where she focuses on change management.

Operations Manager

Rebecca Clake

Operations Manager

Rebecca is our Operations Manager, where she leads the day to day operational activities of ADHD Richmond and Kingston.  Rebecca is a mum of two children, with her son having ADHD. Prior to joining us, Rebecca had been actively involved in the education and voluntary sector in Richmond for 8 years, where she was formerly a Trustee of Homestart and a long-standing volunteer with Skylarks. Before that she had a career focusing on HR in the corporate world.

“I was attracted to the role at ADHD Richmond and Kingston as it was an opportunity for me to contribute to helping build the charity, which makes a real difference to families.  It has a wide range of activities where it provides support to our families, offers opportunities for networking and learning about ADHD for parents and professionals and builds greater awareness in the wider community”. 

IT Manager

Clair Sullivan

Operations Manager

Clair is our IT Manager, where she leads the build and maintenance of our IT platform to support our activities as we grow. She is a mum of two children, with one of her son’s having ADHD.  Clair had been actively involved with ADHD Richmond and Kingston since July 2019 initially as our lead volunteer covering our communication activities and then from May 2020 she role on the part-time role of Operations Manager until she moved to our IT Manager role.  Prior to joining ADHD Richmond and Kingston, Clair ran her own business in the Events and Hospitality industry.

“I came to know of ADHD R & K when my own son was diagnosed with ADHD. After being diagnosed, I left the CAMHS office with my son, a few leaflets, and a feeling of being completely adrift. After doing some research on where best to find help, I found ADHD R & K. It was such relief to find this support community and I was able to learn so much. I no longer felt lost and alone.”

Family Support

Valerie Ivens

Family Support

Val leads our Family Support work and in particular runs our monthly Post Diagnosis workshops and also provides one-to-one support sessions to families. Val has been involved with ADHD Richmond and Kingston since the early years and for many years managed its activities until 2017 when she stood down from this role.  She is a champion for ADHD awareness and actively promotes the interests of parents and their ADHD children.  When not working for ADHD Richmond and Kingston, Val runs a consultancy practice as an ADHD REACH Coach.  

Jonathan Rourke

Education Liaison

Jonathan Rourke is our Education Liaison Volunteer.  He has been directly involved with ADHD Richmond and Kingston since 2018 and served on the Board of Trustees until August 2020. Prior to that he indirectly was involved in supporting families of children with additional needs in Richmond and Kingston for the last 15 years. Initially he worked for Richmond Council in their Early Years Service and he now works as coordinator for the SEND Information Advice and Support Service at the Croft Centre in Kew and Moor Lane, Chessington.

Our Volunteers

Want to work with us?

We have an opening for the role of operations manager. Please find the job description here.

We always welcome volunteers and try and match your time and skills to the tasks that need doing.  If you are willing to help or know of anyone that would be interested in volunteering, please see our current vacancies.