We have our own YouTube Channel which includes videos from other sources as well as these shown here.

3rd December 2020. Claire Clerkin, Nutritional Therapist CNHC, mBANT on how parents can support their children and teenagers development and wellbeing using nutrition.

19th November 2020. Dr Maite Ferrin (MD, MSc, PhD), a Consultant Psychiatrist on medication and ADHD covers considerations on when to start medication, how medication really works, doses and possible side effects.

22nd October 2020. Jonathan Rourke and Val Ivens on the process of obtaining EHCPs and what they mean for your child.

8th October 2020. Julia Langensiepen, Psychotherapist and life-coach at NurturingLife, on understanding and meeting your family’s innate emotional needs to lower stress levels and help you have greater empathy towards yourself and others.

22nd September 2020. Soli Lazarus provides a range of strategies and techniques for grandparents and family members to help them support those with ADHD.

9th September 2020. Colin Foley of the ADHD Foundation leads this seminar for teaching professionals highlighting the considerations for pupils with ADHD returning from lockdown and how best to facilitate them successfully engaging with their learning and return to school life.

6th September 2020. Emma Weaver of the ADHD Foundation joined us to discuss how best to support your children with ADHD returning to school. A hugely infomative webinar that is worth viewing at any time of year for parents having issues with children feeling anxious or struggling in the school enviroment. Find the slides from this talk here.

On 21st July 2020, this panel discussion took place to examine the best ways to manage family dynamics during these unprecedented times. Our panellists in this discussion are Jenny Missen and Annette Wilson.

On 9th July 2020, founder and director of the ‘Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting’, Noël Janis-Norton, led this webinar. Noël explores the best ways parents and carers of teenagers can improve communication, cooperation and self-reliance. The strategies Noël proposes can reduce conflicts and teach your teens more mature problem-solving skills and self-control.

On 16th June 2020, Dr Alex Doig, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist from CAMHS discussed with us the topic ‘“Teens and ADHD: which is which?” which covered what is ADHD and what is typical adolescent behaviour and what strategies work’. Material from this talk can be found here.

This webinar took place on 4th June 2020 where Colin Foley from the ADHD Foundation explored the topic of ‘Classroom support for secondary school young people with ADHD’. Material from this talk can be found here.

This webinar occurred on May 19th 2020 when we took up ‘Managing the anxiety of children & young people during lockdown and beyond” with Tamsin Owen and Gemma Armstrong. Material from this talk can be found here.

Annual and Special General Meeting on Thursday 16 April 2020. Slides from this meeting can be found here.

‘Building a sensory home during lockdown’ is aimed at parents, carers, and professionals looking after children with ADHD during these unusual times requiring to stay at home and limiting activities. Material from this talk can be found here.

We are thrilled to share with you our recent video ‘An Introduction to ADHD’. Some brilliant young women agreed to talk about their experiences and create a strong video message about how it feels to be a girl with ADHD. We hope this will give other girls, parents and teachers a better understanding and to be more aware of the signs of ADHD.

Prof Philip Asherson Talked to our Group on Tues 3 July 2018 about MindWandering and ADHD emotions

Alastair Yates, Chair of  ADHD Richmond talked to BBC London on 27 June 2018 about the Head of OFSTED comments that parents are over-medicating their children…

Fintan O’Regan presented a Men Only seminar on 20 June 2018 about Surviving ADHD & SEN:

Prof. Peter Hill, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist talked to us (22.05.18)  about Medication

Antoinette Moran, Consultant Hypnotherapist talked about the stresses of ADHD (24.04.18) https://antoinettemoran.co.uk

Dr Hohnen of Connections In Mind talk on brain & behaviour to ADHD Richmond 18.04.18

Hilary Nunns of Can Do Courses spoke to us about behaviour management on 20 March 2018. Here are her slides: Positive behaviour management – Hilary Nunns

Prof. Katya Rubia of Kings College spoke to us on 7 March 2018 about brain scanning


Dr Max Davie, Consultant Paediatrician, Evelina Childrens Hospital,  talked to our Group, on 20 Feb,  about Screen Time + #ADHD clinics. This is Part 2 of his presentation


Dr Max Davie, Mental Health Officer of the Royal College of Paediatricians, talked to our Group on 20 Feb 2018 offering his thoughts on how ADHD can be supported nation

The ADHD All Party Parliamentary Group (ADHD Richmond has a seat on this) was launched in Westminster Palace on 24 Jan 2018. Here’s the video …

Nicola Ryan, Kingston CAMHS, spoke to us about ADHD & Autism dual diagnosis on Jan 10 2018. Here are the slides: ADHD & ASD presentation

Deborah Colson from Thinking Nutrition talked to us on 22 Nov 2017 ..

Laura Kerbey, founder of Positive Autism Support & Training, talked to our Group about Sibling Rivalry 07.11.17.  Here are her slides: Supporting Siblings ADHD   This is Laura’s Facebook page and website

On Nov 3: BBC Breakfast interview following release of ADHD Impact Report

On Nov 3rd BBC Radio 5 Live hosted a phone-in about ADHD. Listen to the audio here

Dr Claire Scott spoke to our Group on 4 Oct 2017 and here are her ADHD Presentation 4th October v2 slides

Andrew Swartfigure spoke to our Group on 20.09.17 about behaviour analysis. Here are his Behaviour Analysis and ADHD slides


This is our updated introduction to ADHD Richmond


Annaliese Boucher, Founder of SenTalk, talked to us on 4 July 2017 about behaviour and sensory issues. Here are the slides: Promoting positive ADHD Behaviour and the  Social Skills Pack for Children with Social and Emotional Difficulties_pack 1

Elizabeth (Brandill) Pepper, Lead Commissioner for Children’s Services, for The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group explains  why  the CCGs are asking support groups for their opinions following the SW London NHS Trust prompting a debate about any possible changes to the ADHD & Autism criteria for diagnosis from next April.  Here are her slides: ND Parent Forums Meetings

Dr Bozhena Zoritch spoke to us about ADHD and attachment Richmond 06.06.17

and Dr Bozhena Zoritch also gave a personal view of the Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital ADHD service future

Dr Jo Steer, Head of The Emotional Health Service, and Dr Amrita Basu talked to us and here are the slides from our Talk on Emotional Health at ADHD Richmond May 24 2017 – Dr Jo Steer & Dr Amrita Basu



Video: our Apr 26 Talk by Dr Frances Knight of @UCL @Lilas_lab #ADHD #Sleep. Here are the ADHD Richmond_Apr 26  slides to accompany the presentation


Dr Phil Ferreira-Lay, Cons. Psychiatrist CAMHS . For those in Surrey wishing to see the Camhs diagnostic route there please see these dr-phil-ferreira-lay-slides-feb-22-2017

Prof. Peter Hill, Cons. Psychiatrist, talks to Val Ivens of ADHD Richmond about medication; its benefits and side effects

Prof Peter Hill talked on 2 Feb 2017 about medication. Here are his richmond-2017-peter-hill slides

Executive Function: Dr Bettina Hohnen, Clinical Psychologist & Victoria Bagnall, both of Connections in Mind. Here are the slides: ADHD and EF Jan 2017 to the presentation

ADHD and the development of self-identify through childhood and adolescence –  Emma Woodhouse, Neurodevelopmental Specialist at The Maudsley Hospital and The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience. Here are her richmond-adhd-11-01-17 slides


ADHD Richmond features in All in the Mind 06 12 16. Our Lead, Val Ivens, discussed mind wandering with two girls. Philip Asherson from Maudsley Hospital explained the theory



Listen to Alastair, Eva, Gill & Nathan who were guests on Surrey Hill Radio talking about ADHD Awareness Month 2016 with Laura Kerbey on Wed 5th October. Programme starts at 4’40” in


Alastair Yates of ADHD Richmond & Eva Akins, Solicitor with Russell Cooke talk about children who are left without a school place and others whose parents have to fight the system to have them placed in a school of their choice

Eva also on appeared on BBC TV London:


Hilary Nunns of Can Do Courses spoke to our Group on Tues Sept 20 about Homework. Watch the video and see her homework-tips-20-sept slides

Hilary can also be heard here on Surrey Hills Radio talking about ADHD, behaviour & education


Dr Alex Doig, Consultant Psychiatrist CAMHS (Richmond) Talk on July 5 2016 about Adolescence, Emotions & Relationships. Here are his ADHD, Adolescence, Emotion and Relationships presentation slides


Dr Teresa Lax-Pericall, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist from the Priory Clinic, Talk June 2016. She specialises in behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and ADHD. She also works with PTSD, Anxiety and depression. Here are her slides ADHD and social skills – Dr Lax Pericall



Part 1 of the Video of our legal expert Eva Akins talking about Education & law.

Part 2 of the video with Q & A.

Here are the Eva Akins Presentation Slides for ADHD talk 12.4.16



Audio: BBC Radio London debate with  ADHD Richmond’s Eva Akins, Solicitor from RussellCooke & Alastair Yates about ADHD/SEN school placements


Our March 2016  ADHD Talk by @KIDScharity on Education. Further info @ https://adhdrichmond.org/school


Andrew - Simply WellBeing

Video of Andrew Lewis of Simply WellBeing talk on Dec 1st 2015 about Social Skills. You can also see the slides he used called ADHD Social Skills for Richmond – Simply Wellbeing He has ADHD himself and has a daughter with ADHD.


Neurofeedback: this treatment is valued by those who have tried it. Here’s our video of Dr Neil Rutterford at our July 2015 meeting. Watch this video, check out his company here and see his PowerPoint: Dr Neil Rutterford – LANC – pp



 CAMHS (Richmond & Kingston) manager, Janet Grimes spoke to our Group in June 2015


Dr Sudipta Sen - Hounslow & Richmond Community Health Trust

 Video of Dr Sudipta Sen from Hounslow & Richmond Community Health Trust presenting her case for improved ADHD understanding & help. Here are her Integrated care in ADHD slides


Funding is available for all ADHD children, regardless of diagnosis, from Achieving for Children in Richmond & Kingston. Watch our video of the Achieving for Children team explaining it all


Our Lead, Val Ivens, gives a parenting class


Nathan, the son of our founder Gill Sears, reads his poems & discusses his ADHD


Nathan Sears represented ADHD Richmond at a seminar on “Challenging Behaviours”


Dr Zwi, Consultant Psychiatrist, talked to us on Feb 4 2014